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06 décembre 2020

how to become a perfect hippie?

With the hippy chic fashion trend ... we are (very) far from the hippy era that rhymes with eph pat and (tangled) hair in the wind.  In this article, discover how to become a hippie, yes but a hippie with style! Because (almost) it's all about attitude and accessories to create the perfect hippie chic outfit.


How to become a hippie?

Wondering how to become part of a hippie community? The easiest way is to be familiar with the codes of the hippie movement so that you can easily adopt them and become a perfect modern-day hippie! A small revolution in the 60's, the first hippie communities were born in the United States. 60 years later, it's a bohemian chic lifestyle that still exists and seduces more and more women looking for a feminine style mixing fashion, vintage, ethnic. To learn more, read our article Hippie Chic: from the 60's to the Coachella!


How to have a bohemian hippy chic look?

To achieve your neo gypsy looks, you don't have to look very far. We have dissected for you the bohemian chic style and here are the 3 rules to follow to compose a nice hippie chic outfit à la Heidi Klum :

  • Choose ample, light and fluid pieces
  • Prefer pretty materials, pastel colors and pattern!
  • Add small fancy details by touch

In a previous article, I told you why we particularly like bohemian chic fashion. It's an easy women's fashion to adopt by mixing a few strong pieces with basics (like our good old faded jeans that we all have in our dressing room)... Everything is in the detail of well-chosen hippie accessories!

Whether it's for a wedding, a summer festival or for every day, dare to play the gypsy girl card!


3 hippie accessories to adopt urgently to perfect your boho chic looks
1/ The fringe bag: the hippy bag par excellence!
The fringe leather purse: THE must-have piece for all those who love bohemian chic style. The fringe bag is a boho chic piece to wear without moderation.


2/ The thin leather belt to emphasize the waist
Wear over a dress for a more feminine silhouette. By choosing it with pretty details like little golden studs, the thin studded belt can be worn over your favorite jeans as well!


3/ The gilt bronze brooch for the chic ethnic touch
The brooch is an original costume jewel to wear on your favorite jacket or sweater! We love the meaning of these chic ethnic jewels that make you travel elsewhere.


That's it, you know everything you need to do to have a bohemian style and become a true modern-day hippie! 



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